70577: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect: How to apply a license

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    Last update: 01-06-2022


    As Acronis Cyber Protect Connect is a standalone product, it is licenced separately from other Acronis services. This means there isn't a way to manage Cyber Protect Connect licenses under the Acronis account for now.

    There are two types of licenses that Acronis Cyber Protect Connect customers can use to activate the app:

    • Subscription License
    • Legacy License

    To find more information about licensing model, please take a look at this article Licensing of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect (formerly Remotix): What’s new and how to use.

    Activate a Subscription License 

    Subscription-based keys start with ACPCPERS or ACPCPROF, depending on the license type respectively for personal and professional licenses. They should be activated on a licensing page in Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Console:

    1. Log into a Console account
    2. Enter the key into the correspondent field
    3. The license is activated.

    When the key is entered, a user needs only to sign into the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect under the same Console account and the app will be ready to work. 

    A subscription model allows us to unbind the license from OS. E.g it is possible now to use the same personal license on macOS and Windows computers instead of having to buy two.

    Activate a Legacy License

    It is possible to enter a legacy key into the same field and move a Console account from a free version. However, it will not activate the app. Please also note that a professional legacy license doesn’t give access to Teams functionality. To use Teams a professional subscription is needed.

    Activation of Cyber Protect Connect with a legacy key is needed to be done inside the app. To do so:

    1. Go to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect
    2. [If you are using Mac] Click on Enter legacy perpetual key
    3. [If you are using Windows] click on Help and then Enter legacy perpetual key
    4. Enter a key into the pop-up window.

    The app (Cyber Protect connect) activated with a legacy key looks a little bit different from the subscription-activated – users can see information about their maintenance status in the bottom right corner.

    Activate a Legacy License Offline

    For those who need offline activation, there is an option to import a license:

    • Acronis Cyber Protect Connect > Import license for Mac
    • Help > Import license for Windows.

    To get a file for the offline activation, please contact our support team.

    The app activated offline also shows the maintenance status in the bottom right corner.