70497: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Data center status in Acronis Partners Portal

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    Last update: 26-01-2023


    Starting from C22.06, Acronis Partners Portal allows Acronis partners to view a status page so that they know what is happening in real-time and check upcoming maintenance notifications before creating a ticket with Acronis support.

    Data center status page cannot be custom branded as it is an integral part of Acronis Partners Portal. It supports all localization languages supported by the Acronis Partners Portal.


    Data center status page is a part of Acronis Partners Portal with two tabs: Data center services status and Scheduled maintenance.

    Data center services status

    To view services status:

    1. Login to the Acronis Partners Portal 
    2. Select the Data center status in the Portal menu
    3. Eligible users can enter direct URL https://partners.acronis.com/#datacenter
    4. Eligible user can check real-time status of services in the data center:

    Scheduled maintenance

    • Eligible users could navigate to the Scheduled maintenance tab to check the upcoming maintenance notifications: