70487: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect (formerly Remotix): What’s new in Licensing and how to use

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    Last update: 07-06-2022

    What’s new?

    The old Remotix licensing has been completely reworked for Acronis Cyber Protect Connect.

    The new subscription license activates the app regardless of OS. It is finally possible now to use one Professional license to work on macOS, Linux, and Windows instead of buying a bundle of keys. Also, now the license is directly connected to the Remotix / Acronis Cyber Protect Connect account

    For new customers, the steps to obtain a license are simple. Switching from the old model to new one, however, may be a bit counter-intuitive– given the massive difference in approach. This article describes steps to follow in each case.

    Licensing for new customers

    New customers get a Console account as soon as they purchase a subscription.

    Once you log in to your account in the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect, the app gets activated.

    You can be logged in to up to three copies of the app if you own a Professional subscription. E.g., these may be your stationary computer at work, your laptop, and your PC.
    If you own a Personal subscription, you can be logged in to your account in two copies of the app at a time.
    The Professional subscription also activates Teams functionality in Console. For more information about Teams, please refer to the User Guide.

    Upgrade Remotix to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect with a legacy key

    • If you own a legacy perpetual key since Remotix and upgrade the app, the license info should be retained.
    • If the app does not retain the Remotix license info, or you do a fresh install of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect and want to use your legacy key, follow these steps:


    • You can also change the imported license key or remove one using the same menu option.
    On macOS you may face a few issues right after the upgrade. macOS considers Acronis Cyber Protect Connect a different application from Remotix and needs your explicit permission to give the new app access to stored license info.


    Switch from Remotix perpetual key to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect subscription

    If you have owned a Remotix license and a Hub account before the change, you may need a couple of extra steps to make the new licensing work as intended. When you choose to upgrade your legacy license key to the subscription, you have to connect your billing account with your Remotix/ Acronis Cyber Protect Connect account:

    1. Go to Licensing page in the Hub.
    2. Under Your license key, enter your key and click Add.
    3. Once you log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect client application, it should get activated automatically.
    4. Don’t forget to remove your legacy license key from the app:
      macOS: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect > Change legacy perpetual key...Remove license key
      Windows: Help Change legacy perpetual key...Remove license key
      Linux: Help Change legacy perpetual key...Remove license key
    5. Your Acronis Cyber Protect Connect will be activated as soon as you log in to your account– regardless of your OS.

    Continue using a legacy Remotix license

    You may also choose to keep your legacy perpetual license. When the maintenance time expires, you can still use the application (either Remotix or Acronis Cyber Protect Connect as they share the licensing) for direct connections. Still, Cloud features like connecting with NEAR and connecting by Computer ID with RDP and VNC will be unavailable. The web Console will be in Free mode (reports, actions, chat and location panes are inactive).