70437: Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud: Activity "Creating Recovery Server" fails on applying Protection Plan with error 'Your "Internet access" quota is not enabled'

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Last update: 28-04-2022


An activity "Creating recovery server" fails on attempt to assign Disaster Recovery Protection Plan to machine with the following error message:

Your "Internet access" quota is not enabled. To enable the quota, contact the support team.


During apply of Protection Plan to machine, it creates Recovery Server with enabled "Internet Access" option. In case if "Internet Access" quota is disabled for a tenant, the activity will fail. This behavior is planned to be changed in scope of one of the upcoming product updates.


There are two possible ways to resolve the issue and create recovery server:

1. Enable the "Internet Access" quota for Customer Tenant in accordance with documentation. Re-apply Protection Plan after it (simply press "Edit" > "Save")

2. Manually create Recovery Server without "Internet Access" property in accordance with steps from documentation.