70321: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to remove Backup storage location from the Protection Console

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Last update: 31-10-2022

Usage cases

  1. There are sync issues between the Management and the Cyber Protection Console usages; Backup Storage location cannot be refreshed manually and displaying outdated list of archives (i.e. already deleted backups);
  2. User account is already deleted but the Backup Storage location is still appearing in the Backup Storage tab; 
A backup location (except for the cloud storage) automatically disappears from the Backup storage tab if all machines that had ever backed up to the location were deleted from the Cyber Protection service. As soon as a backup to this location occurs, the location is re-added along with all backups that are stored in it.


Location removal for cloud storage is disabled if there are archives on that storage. The only way to remove the vault via API, you can use RESTer browser plugin or other tools (e.g. Postman) to send a direct DELETE request to the vault manager. 

To find the ID required for the delete request, select the backup location -> Details -> All properties -> scroll to find id parameter, with the following format: xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-yyyy-xxxxxxxx. Alternatively, scroll to the very bottom of the list and find vault_id.

Log in, make sure to select a machine to browse from to the one showing wrong archive information, and then using RESTer plugin for the browser, send the following request:

Method: DELETE
URL: https://<DC>-cloud.acronis.com/bc/api/vault_manager/v1/vaults/<id>?action=unregister
BODY: {"action": "unregister"}

In Headers need to specify:
Cookie: <Copy cookies from any authorized request to <yourDC>-cloud.acronis.com>
Content-Type: application/json

where <id> should be replaced by either id or vault_id.

Properly filled in details should look like this:

  • Headers
  • Body

How to find proper cookies:

1. Log in to the affected customer's account. In the browser, open Developer tools -> Network (usually, developer tools can be opened by pressing F12):

2. Click on any link related to an activity and select any of the requests:

3. Go to Headers:

4. Go to Request Headers and select Cookies:

In the Body tab, switch the format (menu with three vertical dots) to JSON:

Make sure to create new headers for the Cookie and Content-Type in the Headers tab.
Next to content-type select "application/json" from the value dropdown menu.
Next to Cookie add the entire string you got from the above steps after "Cookie: ":

The resulting request will look similar to:

Expected request response is 204 No content.

This request removes the vault from vault manager and in Activity tab you should see "Removing vault from agent" activity.