70319: Acronis Cyber Protect: how to change keyboard layout in Virtual Appliance

Last update: 28-02-2023

How to change keyboard layout in Virtual Appliance


By default, Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance), Agent for Scale Computing HC3 and VPN appliance user interface use English keyboard layout. If you want to use a different keyboard layout, specify a required kernel parameter while booting the Virtual Appliance.


Method 1

  1. Reboot the Virtual Appliance
  2. When you see GNU GRUB screen, press A to modify the kernel arguments before booting:

  3. Add the required layout by adding the following to the list of the arguments: 


    e.g. LAYOUTS=de-DE

  4. Press Enter to accept changes and boot the Virtual Appliance

The specified keyboard layout will be active until the next Virtual Appliance reboot.

Method 2

  1. Install kbd package by running the following command: 

sudo yum --disablerepo=adrc-vpn-server install kbd

     2. Set the language to the desired one: 

sudo localectl set-keymap <it>

<it> is the language, in this example Italian.