70264: Remote assistance with Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Quick Assist

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Last update: 24-11-2022

Using Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Quick Assist for remote troubleshooting 


In some cases, an Acronis Support representative may ask you for a remote session in order to access your computer remotely. This is done to help troubleshoot a possible issue that you may have. 

Acronis respects your privacy, and no confidential or sensitive data is viewed or gathered (See also: Acronis Privacy Statement).

In most cases, we use Zoom for remote access and troubleshooting. However, in certain cases we may ask you to conduct a remote session with Acronis Cyber Protect Connect.


  1. Download Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Quick Assist application and launch it:
  2. Launch the app. This application is a portable executable so installation is not required (you can just launch it once it is downloaded).
    • Windows: by default, the app doesn't require Admin rights. Still, an elevation to Admin is required to allow remote support agent to see and control applications that run with Admin rights (including other Acronis applications), Alt+Tab menu and to help with installing/removing programs.


    • macOS: you need to grant this application system permissions to capture and control your screen and relaunch the application for changes to apply.
  3. Once ready, provide your Acronis Support representative "Computer ID" and "Access Code":

More information

Please contact your Acronis Support Agent if you have difficulties with the above.

Acronis respects your privacy and is not gathering or storing the information displayed on your screen during the remote session. If you believe that any confidential and/or sensitive information may get compromised, please remove such details (if possible) or inform the remote user immediately to prevent the event. For more details on how Acronis processes information, see Acronis Privacy Statement. The remote connection will only be used to address an Acronis support case.