70240: Acronis Cyber Protect: backup via file policy rules fails on macOS

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 15-02-2022


You are creating a protection plan for multiple Mac machines and are looking for the rules to select the source folders.

When the rules are specified manually (like ~/Library, $home/desktop, $user/desktop, /Users/$USER/Desktop, $logname/desktop, /desktop/, or /Users/*/Desktop), backup fails with one of the following messages as the path cannot be resolved:

None of the items selected for the backup were found


Could not resolve the "/Users/*/Desktop/" include rule


The file cannot be found by its path: "/Users/*/Desktop/


Acronis products do not yet support the environment variables in macOS.


  • select Disks/Volume backup and select the volume or select Files/folders and specify the folder /Users
  • go to Backup options -> File filter
  • In Back up only files matching the following criteria section specify the path to folder with a wildcard if needed (e.g. /Users/*/Desktop/):