70216: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: impossible to assign license to virtual hosts in cluster

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Last update: 07-12-2022


  1. You are using Hyper-V or ESXi clusters with Virtual Appliance, and licenses for Virtual Host workload (any edition),
  2. It is not possible to assign licenses to all nodes of the cluster: when assigning the license to the host, the virtual machine loses the license and backup fails due to lack of license. If the license is assigned to a virtual machine instead, the host loses the license and cannot run backups.


    You assign a license to one host, but 2 licenses get assigned. It is impossible to use a second license as it is already taken


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Update 4 (Build 29240).

To work around the issue without installing the latest build:

  1. If any protection plans are applied to hosts and/or VMs in cluster, revoke these plans. Do not delete the plans. 
  2. Unassign all licenses from hosts and VMs in cluster.
  3. Go to the Plans or Devices tab, create (if needed) and apply a protection plan to machines. Run the backup. Devices will acquire quotas automatically.

More information

When using the product on a cluster, each host in the cluster requires a license. Each host in the cluster must have the same license type: e.g. for a cluster with 3 nodes, you need either 3 Advanced Virtual Host licenses or 3 Universal licenses. For example, combining the following licenses types on a cluster will not work:

  • 2 Virtual Host licenses and 1 Universal license
  • 2 Virtual Host (Standard) and 1 Virtual Host (Advanced)
  • 2 perpetual (non-subscription) licenses and 1 subscription