70215: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: macOS backup fails with "Resource deadlock avoided"

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 04-02-2022


Entire Mac backup or Disks backup fails with the following error in log:

 error 0xfff1: Resource deadlock avoided

Path mentioned in error log is similar to:

path: /System/Volumes/Data/Users/<username>/Library/CloudStorage/...


The folder /Users/[username]/Library/CloudStorage/<XXXXXX> is the folder for iCloud files on Mac. These files are stored on the cloud rather than on the local machine.


Add CloudStorage folder to exclusions: 

  1. Select your backup task in the list and click Settings

  2. In settings window, go to Exclusions

  3. Click on "+" button, then select Exclude specific file or folder. Browse to the folder /Users/<username>/Library/CloudStorage/<....> that is mentioned in the error log, select it and click Exclude to add this folder to the list of exclusions.
  4. Click OK to save changes.