70193: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Agent installation fails with "Certificate did not pass verification"

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Last update: 16-02-2022


Remote agent installation or auto-update fails with the following error:

Certificate from <DC address> did not pass the verification. certificate verify failed


This error means that Openssl is unable to check the certificate of the root certificate authority. This issue occurs most often on new machines where there is no well-known certificate yet (e.g. GoDaddy). In current product design, the remote installation service uses only well-known certificates already installed by the user. 


On the target machine, open browser and go to the DC address mentioned in the error message, e.g. https://eu-cloud.acronis.com. This should install the required certificate. Check the SSL certificate details in browser and make sure all certificates in the chain are valid, then reattempt the installation.

If the issue reproduces even after opening the DC login page, please collect the following information and contact Acronis Support for further investigation:

  1. Screenshots with SSL certificate information from a browser on target machine 
  2. System report