70145: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect 15: Cyber Protection Monitor is started for each user session on Windows machine with multiple user accounts and Agent installed and causes resources overuse

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Last update: 16-12-2022


On a Windows machine with multiple user accounts and Agent installed, Cyber Protection Monitor, TIB Mounter and Scheduler Service Helper are started for each user session. This causes high usage of resources, especially CPU.


Specifics of current product design.


Disable or uninstall Cyber Protection Monitor: this will reduce amount of used resources.

To uninstall Cyber Protection Monitor:

  1. Click the account icon in the top-right corner > Downloads and download All agents for Windows setup program
  2. Run the downloaded setup file on the affected server, choose to modify the installed components and clear the selection for Cyber Protection Monitor

To disable Cyber Protection Monitor without uninstalling it, follow the instructions in How to disable Cyber Protection Monitor.