70116: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect: Ports

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Last update: 09-11-2022

Both Acronis Cyber Protect Connect and Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent require the following ports to be available for the best performance:

  • TCP ports 9021, 443, 80
  • UDP ports 9997–10020

Both Acronis Cyber Protect Connect and Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent use port 443 to connect with the gateway server (currently gw.remotix.com) and then try to establish a connection with a tunnel using ports 9021, 80, 443 to one of the following hosts:

  • us-tunnel.remotix.com
  • eu-tunnel.remotix.com
  • sg.remotixcloud.com
  • rxtunnel1.koreacentral.cloudapp.azure.com
  • rxtunnel1.australiasoutheast.cloudapp.azure.com

E.g., they will try these (changing consequently if the connection fails to the current one): tcp://us-tunnel.remotix.com:9021wss://us-tunnel.remotix.com:443ws://us-tunnel.remotix.com:80, and so on for all URLs listed above. Using TCP is generally faster than WSS or WS. However, the product works best when UDP access is allowed regardless of the port (for both client and agent apps) as it uses random port numbers in the range of 9997–10020.

Please note that the hosts listed above are subject to change. If you face any connectivity problems, please feel free to contact our support with details about your case.