70114: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect: How to renew maintenance

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Last update: 28-04-2022

With the Introduction of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect subscription licenses, sales of Remotix perpetual licenses will be discontinued and end of life will be announced. The renewals for Remotix customers with perpetual licenses will be allowed only one time for 1 year till the end of 2022.

To Renew the maintenance period for perpetual license (for existing Remotix customers):

  1. Open Acronis Cyber Protect Connect purchase page
  2. Click Manage licenses button.
  3. Log in to billing account via input of a perpetual license key or email.
  4. A list of all user's purchased license keys is shown.
  5. Select one or multiple perpetual license keys and initiate renewal.
  6. System suggests either to switch to subscription license with a discount for 1st year or renew a maintenance for 1 year (last time).
  7. [Skip this step if you don't want to switch yet] Confirm switching from the perpetual to subscription license.
  8. Select a payment option and provide billing details.

If you own several licenses and want to renew only some of them, use tooltips to choose which to renew. When you hover a line, a tooltip with the license key of that product will show. You only need to choose “Do not extend” for the product you don’t want to renew at the moment.