70100: Acronis Cyber Protect Connect: Contacting support and providing information

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Last update: 26-04-2022

Our tech support is always in place to help you get the best experience with Acronis Cyber Protect Connect. If you face an issue with the product, contact us.

How to make your support request as informative as possible

First, make sure that you are running the latest versions of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect and Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent if possible.

Second, please describe the steps that you took, what happened, and what outcome you had expected instead.

Third, please include the following in your request:

  • Your local and remote OS versions,
  • Connection type (NEAR, VNC, or RDP),
  • Version numbers of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect.

If your question relates to the connection speed, please add the following information:

  • Your geographic location,
  • Network type and bandwidth,
  • Information from the Connection Info window (available from the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Viewer toolbar).

If you have a question about typing or modifier-related issues, please also mention:

  • Which keyboard mode is chosen (Smart or Raw)
  • Does changing the keyboard mode help?
  • Please also check the modifier mappings in Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Preferences. Note that settings are different for each type of connection: e.g., you need settings for Mac (NEAR) if you were connecting to a Mac with NEAR and Mac (Screen Sharing) if you were connecting with VNC.

How to include logs in the report

All Acronis Cyber Protect Connect desktop apps have a built-in debug mode that allows collecting logs. If Acronis support representative asks you to provide logs, follow the instructions below:

Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent logs

Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent logs may be found at the following locations:

  • Mac:
    at /Library/Logs/com.nulana.rxagentmac (service daemon logs)
    and ~/Library/Logs/com.nulana.rxagentmac​ (agent GUI and RC logs)
  • Windows:
    in the \Logs subfolder in the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Agent installation folder (service daemon and RC logs)
    and in %APPDATA%\Remotix Agent (GUI logs)
  • Linux:
    at /var/log/com.nulana.rxagentlinux (service daemon logs)
    and tmp/com.nulana.rxagentlinux (GUI logs).

      Acronis Cyber Protect Connect verbose logs

      If you encountered an issue in the product and need to launch Acronis Cyber Protect Connect in verbose mode to share the logs with us, here is the how-to. 

      Note that Acronis Cyber Protect Connect writes non-debug logs by default so it is required to make them verbose before you reproduce the issue. To do so:

      1. Go to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect Preferences > General,
      2. Enable the Write verbose logs option,
      3. Reproduce the issue,
      4. Go to the Preferences > General again,
      5. Click Open logs folder button to find the logs,
      6. Send the latest logs to Acronis Support.