70046: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Configuring immutable storage returns the error "Incompatible storages found"

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Last update: 08-11-2022


You are using Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and would like to configure immutable storage feature.

When you try to enable the feature in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, the "Incompatible storages found" message appears on the screen.


This issue could be caused by the following reasons:

1. The version of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is below 4.7. 

2. TCP port 40440 is closed.

3. stopped abgw-setting.service service.


1. Make sure that Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is updated to the latest available version. Please see the instructions for update in the user guide.

2. Since Acronis Cyber Infrastructure version 4.6 U1, the port 40440/tcp is automatically opened for “ABGW public” traffic type. Make sure that the firewall in your network infrastructure allows connections on port 40440/tcp

3. start abgw-setting.service service.