70027: Acronis Cyber Protect: How to Disable Files Sync & Share

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Last update: 09-03-2023

You need to disable the Files Sync & Share service but the option is grayed out and if you move the mouse over the option you see the message: "You cannot disable a service with non-zero usage. Contact the Support team for assistance." even though the storage has 0GB. The portal understands the usage as having users with the service enabled, and not just with files saved on cloud storage.

In order to disable the service for the tenant, first we need to disable the service at the user level and then for the tenant.

Follow the steps below to perform the procedure:

1. Access the Management Portal on https://cloud.acronis.com with your Partner account.

2. Go to Clients > Click on the customer you want to disable the service.

3. On the customer's page, go to Users and click on the user.

4. A new window will appear on the right side and you will find a pencil icon next to Services and roles. Click on it to edit.

5. If option is also grayed out, uncheck 'Company Administrator' and then uncheck 'Files sync & share'. Leave the other options enabled.

6. After changing, click on Done and confirm operation with your partner login.

7. On the top left, click on your partner account name. You will be redirected back to the 'Clients' window with focus on the customer you selected previously.

8. On the window present on the right side, click on 'File Sync & Share' right beside 'Protection' and click on 'edit'.

9. Edit the quota by clicking on it and change it to 0(zero), confirm on 'Done' and click on 'Save'.

10. After these steps, go to 'Configure' on the top right section of the window.

11. Look for the 'Files Sync & Share' service and now you should be able to uncheck the service.

12. Confirm the change with your partner login and click on 'Turn off'.

More Information

You cannot disable a service with non-zero usage. 

If you face any issues, please contact Acronis Support with the reference to this article.