70004: Acronis Cyber Protect: impossible to disable Files Sync & Share service although there is no usage

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Last update: 12-01-2022


Partner wants to disable Files Sync & Share service on tenant.

It is not possible to disable the service: checkbox is grayed out and status cannot be changed:

If you move the mouse over the option you see the message: "You cannot disable a service with non-zero usage. Contact the Support team for assistance." even though the storage has 0GB

No users are using Files Sync & Share service, but management console shows an active user:


Specifics of product implementation: when there is only 1 user for a customer group (the default company administrator user created with the tenant) and File Sync & Share service is enabled, the company administrator user will automatically gain the File Sync User+Administrator role. 


Remove File Sync & Share User+Administrator role from the company administrator: remove Company Administrator role from the user -> remove File Sync & Share User + Administrator role -> wait about 5-10 minutes then disable Files Sync & Share service on the tenant. After this, return Company Administrator role to the user.