69937: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: how to add drivers for video adapter to bootable media

Last update: 09-03-2022


You experience one or more of the following issues when booting the machine with Acronis Bootable media (or Survival Kit):

  • GUI elements or text are too small on a high-resolution display
  • Program GUI is distorted
  • Black screen is shown after boot menu


Proper drivers for video adapter were not added to bootable media: either no drivers are available or they are added incorrectly.


To add video adapter drivers to bootable media, find out the version of the video adapter driver and add it manually during bootable media creation. Follow the steps below.

The same procedure can be used for adding other additional drivers to Bootable media, such as Bluetooth devices, Storage Controller drivers, network adapter drivers, etc

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More information

If you want to verify that the driver file was added, check the Media Builder log:

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: C:\Program Data\Acronis\CyberProtectHomeOffice\Logs\ti_media_builder

Acronis True Image: C:\Program Data\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Logs\ti_media_builder

Look for the log that has the same date and time of when you created the media. Toward the end of the log you will find a section for Updating drivers. If there are any errors, you will see them here.

If after creating your Recovery Media you find that a device (e.g. a wireless mouse, a network adapter, etc.) does not work on your computer or a storage disk cannot be found, you might try this procedure to remedy the issue. In most cases, a non-working device in Recovery media is due to a lack of driver support.