69905: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: Management Server activation fails with "Registration file is already in use" although the Management Server has never been registered in Cloud

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Last update: 14-09-2022


  1. You are trying to register offline Management Server in Cloud account
  2. When you upload the registration file, a message appears:

    "Registration file is already in use.
    This offline management server is already registered"



  1. Check if you registered this Management Server earlier in a different account: e.g. in a temporary account with a trial. If you did, log in to the old account and unregister the Management Server.
  2. If you completely re-installed the Acronis software or OS on the affected machine but did not manually unregister Management Server in Cloud, note that you won't be able to re-register it. You should log in to the account and remove the Management Server.
  3. If you cannot remove the Management Server from the account after software re-installation, activate Management Server in the old account again, and remove it after.
  4. If Management Server is not registered anywhere, collect HAR log while reproducing the issue and system information from Management Server Machine, and please contact Acronis Support with a reference to this article.