69869: Acronis Cyber Files: How to migrate S3 storage to another S3 storage

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Last update: 08-12-2021

The below steps are performed using the Amazon S3cmd tool on a Linux machine. You can use any other available tool as well. This step-by-step guide describes how to download the bucket to a hard drive or another storage device and then upload it, not how to directly copy/move bucket from one S3 storage to another.


Take a note of your current bucket file/folder structure before starting, it must remain the same after the migration. 
  1. Create the new bucket in the new S3 storage beforehand.
    To create a new bucket, first follow the below steps from step 1 of the 'Configuring and downloading/uploading data' section. After that, use the following command to create it:
    s3cmd mb s3://<bucket name>

    Acronis Cyber Files does not use any bucket "Folders" and stores all data inside a single S3 bucket.
  2. Make sure that your local storage has enough space to download the whole S3 bucket.
  3. Linux/Windows machine where the tool will be installed (steps below are performed on Linux machine).

Configuring and downloading/uploading data "to" and "from" S3 storage

Download and install the Amazon S3cmd tool:

  1. Configure the tool to connect to your S3 storage by running:
    s3cmd --configure

  2. After successfully connecting to the S3 storage, perform a list command to see all available buckets:
    s3cmd ls

  3. Before downloading buckets/files, log in with an "Administrator" user, navigate to Administration Console Sync & Share Desktop Client, and enable the Prevent Clients from Connecting option. Then stop the Acronis Cyber Files Tomcat service on the Cyber Files server. This is necessary in order to prevent any changes to the files from Desktop clients and users during the migration.

  4. To download a specific bucket to a local storage, use the following command (it is actually synchronizing it so if it was downloaded once it will only download the missing files):
    s3cmd sync s3://<bucket name> <local path>

  5. Before uploading the bucket from the local storage, make sure that you have already created a new bucket and then connect to your new S3 storage following the steps from point 1.
    To upload a bucket to S3 storage use the following command:
    s3cmd sync <local path>/ s3://<new target S3 bucket name>

    You need to keep the same file/folder structure.

Switching Acronis Cyber Files configuration from old repository to new repository

  1. Start the Acronis Cyber Files Tomcat service on the Cyber Files server.
  2. Log in with an "Administrator" user and navigate to Administration Console → Sync & Share → File Repository.
  3. Update all of the settings to match the ones of the new storage and Save them.
  4. Log in with a "Sync & Share" user and check if the files are accessible.
  5. Once you verified that the files are accessible, log back in with an "Administrator" user, navigate to Administration Console → Sync & Share Desktop Client, and disable the Prevent Clients from Connecting option.