69855: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Acronis Agent Core service fails to start due to corrupted .yaml file

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 03-12-2021


  1. Device appears offline in Protection Console. 
  2. When you check Acronis services on the machine, Acronis Agent Core service is stopped and fails to start (without any changes on machine, updates, etc)
  3. Aakore logs contain errors similar to:

    C:\\ProgramData\\Acronis\\Agent\\var\\aakore\\host-alias.yaml': yaml: control characters are not allowed"}
    {"time":"2021-11-05T10:02:52+02:00","level":"error","msg":"creating http server: loading host alias table: file storage load 'C:\\ProgramData\\Acronis\\Agent\\var\\aakore\\host-alias.yaml': yaml: control characters are not allowed"

    The affected file may be host-alias.yaml or other file with .yaml extension


A  configuration file that is required for service to start got corrupted due to power loss or another environmental issue.


If a backup of the machine is available: recover the .yaml file from backup


Delete the affected .yaml file and start Acronis Agent Core service again; the file will be re-created automatically.

More information

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