69814: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Immutable storage

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Last update: 26-09-2022


Acronis Cyber Protect 21.12 release adds a new Immutable storage feature, which enables MSPs to enhance their data protection services and ensures that backups cannot be encrypted or deleted by a ransomware attack on the endpoint.

The immutable storage is currently available in a governance mode, enabling admins to modify the retention settings and delete the backups.
The governance mode can be used for testing immutability or in case you want to protect backups from “regular” users (not admins). 

Immutable storage allows you to access deleted backups during a specified retention period. You can recover the content of these backups, but you cannot change the backup files or move them back to their original storage. When the retention period ends, the backups in immutable storage are permanently deleted.

Immutable storage is available only for cloud storages version 4.7.1 or later, and requires a protection agent of version 21.12 or later. This feature is available both for Acronis storage and partner-hosted storage.

Refer to the User Guide for more information about setup of Immutable storage

Please be aware of the following specifics of Immutable Storage implementation:

  • For new tenants (created after C21.12 release), immutable storage with a retention period of 14 days is enabled by default. For existing tenants, immutable storage is disabled by default, and partners need to enable immutable storage manually to use it.
  • The default retention period for immutable storage is 14 days. The possible length of the retention period is from 1 to 999 days. 
  • Immutability becomes active on archives only after a new backup creation. E. g. if you have an archive with 2 backup slices, then immutability is enabled, and you delete the 2 backup slices manually: in such case these slices will be permanently deleted. If a backup is run after immutable storage is enabled, and after that 2 slices are deleted, the deleted backup slices will be accessible in the immutable storage.
  • 2FA is required both for Admin who can enable/disable the immutable storage and for the tenant.
  • Immutable storage is supported for both regular and C2C backups. Only TIBX (Version 12) backups are supported.
  • If a tenant is deleted, their backups in immutable storage will remain in place until the retention period expires. 
  • Immutable storage is available for both Advanced licensing and legacy licensing.
  • Backups in the immutable storage can be accessed via Backup Storage tab using the option Show deleted. It is not possible to "undelete" the backup itself, but you can browse backups in the immutable storage and recover data from them (both disk/partitions and files/folders).
  • In case the retention period changed to fewer days than it is currently set, excessive data will be removed immediately, similar to when immutable storage is turned off completely.
If you disable immutable storage, all deleted backups will be permanently erased. Deleting new backups(by retention rules or manually) will also be permanent.