69703: Acronis Cyber Protect: troubleshooting performance issues in Microsoft Office software when Agent is installed

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    Last update: 22-10-2021


    When Cyber Protection Agent is installed on the machine, the user experiences issues with Microsoft Office software, such as:

    • software crashes
    • cannot copy-paste items
    • cannot run macros
    • etc

    Affected software:

    • EQNEDT32.EXE


    Under investigation.

    Possible reason are program hooks from Antimalware Protection or Device Control modules.


    To localize the issue, test the following scenarios and check if Microsoft Office software runs correctly

    • Disable DLP module as described in KB68145
    • Disable antimalware protection (namely Exploit Prevention) as described in product documentation
    • Disable both the DLP module and antimalware protection

    Note whether the affected software performs correctly after disabling DLP and/or exploit prevention. If this is the case, collect the following information and contact Acronis support for further investigation:

    1. Acronis system information report
    2. Results of the tested scenarios.
    3. The exact time of when the problem occurred and tests were made (this will be necessary for log analysis).