69686: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: New Microsoft 365 licensing (introduced in C21.10)

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Last update: 25-11-2022


Backup of Microsoft 365 resources fails with the following error:

The following quota is reached: Number of protected Microsoft 365 seats


Changes in the Microsoft 365 licensing in Per Workload model in C21.10: Microsoft 365 resources require Seat quotas. 

The Microsoft 365 seats that are subject to a per-seat license are:

  • Mailbox 
  • OneDrive
  • Public folder
  • Mailbox and/or OneDrive with access to backed-up SharePoint sites and/or Microsoft Teams.
    Please pay attention that if you are backing up a SharePoint or Teams site, each user that has access to the site will be counted, even if this user is not protected separately (as a mailbox/OneDrive). Seats will also be taken if the user has OneDrive or personal mailbox. To update numbers right away, run discovery “Refresh organization” as mentioned in the following article

The following items will not be billed (require seats) in Per Workload model:

  • Shared mailboxes
  • Rooms and equipment
  • External user(s) with access to backed up Sharepoint sites and Microsoft Teams.
  • Licensing of disabled (non-licensed on Microsoft side) items: Mailbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams
    Please note that even if a Microsoft 365 license was removed from a user, his data can still be backed up and it will take quota. This can be resolved only after the user is deleted from the Microsoft 365 admin center or is removed through Active Directory synchronization. More information can be found here.



Make sure that the affected tenant/user has enough Microsoft 365 Seat quotas.

If a customer has two agents (Cloud agent and local/ on-premise agent) and backs up the same Microsoft 365 items, quotas will be taken twice by each resource.

Please refer to the FAQ below for more information.

See also:Backups fail with "The following quota is reached: Number of protected Microsoft 365 seats" while the quota is sufficient

You can also check list of members of the SharePoint Online site, group of team like mentioned in this article (Solution 2) 

Video guide

More information

Starting with C21.12 release, shared (non-personal) resources acquire Microsoft 365 Shared Seats quota. These quotas are free of charge.

Company administrators can download a report about the protected Microsoft 365 seats and their licensing. The report is in CSV format and includes information about the licensing status of a seat and the reason why a license is used. The report includes also protected seat name, associated email, group, Microsoft 365 organization, name, and type of the protected workload.

This report is only available for tenants in which a Microsoft 365 Organization is registered.

To download the Microsoft 365 seats licensing report

  1. Log in to the Cyber Protection service console as a company administrator.
  2. Click the account icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Microsoft 365 seats licensing report.

(!) Note that the same user can be mentioned in the report several times if they have several items that require a license. However, only one license is consumed for this user in such a case. As a result, the number of used M365 seat licenses in the Console may be different from the number of items in the report.