69658: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: Perpetual licenses disappear from console or AMS activation fails with "Login failed. Make sure that your account exists, and credentials are correct." after update to U3

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Last update: 28-10-2021


You have updated Acronis Management Server to Update 3 (build 28035) and experience one of these issues:

Symptom A: By the attempt to activate the management server, you receive the error “Login failed. Make sure that your account exists, and credentials are correct”. However, you are able to log in to account.acronis.com with the same username and password.

Symptom B: Perpetual licenses disappear from the service console and do not reappear after management server activation.

To continue using your licenses after Update 3 release, make sure that all required keys are registered in your Acronis Account. Refer to KB 58703 for more details


We observe that in some cases product license update or request might fail due to incorrect cloud account status. The root cause has been identified; the Acronis development team is working on the fix.


As a workaround, reset the password for your Acronis account, the log in to the service console with your email and the new password. 

Root cause has been identified and fixed in Acronis account management portal.

If you experience a similar issue, please contact Acronis Support.