69648: Acronis Cyber Protect: Backup of files with special symbols on Linux fails with "Operating system error: Invalid argument"

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Last update: 22-10-2021


Backup of files with special symbols (e.g. emojis) on a Linux system fails with:

Operating system error: Invalid argument


Specifics of SMB mount options on Ubuntu.


  1. Download patched asamba attached to this article and set variable ASAMBA_DISABLE_NOCASE=1:

    wget https://dl.acronis.com/u/kb/69648/asamba_ASAMBA_DISABLE_NOCASE1.tar
    mv /usr/lib/Acronis/asamba /usr/lib/Acronis/asamba_orig
    mv asamba /usr/lib/Acronis/asamba
    chmod 755 /usr/lib/Acronis/asamba

    Alternatively, you can download the file by clicking here

  2. Open the file /usr/sbin/acronis_mms using vim and add the following line before uilimit line:


  3. Save changes.
  4. Restart Acronis MMS service

    systemctl restart acronis_mms