69468: Acronis Cyber Protect: how to add new administrator account to Acronis Cyber Protect appliance

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Last update: 31-08-2021


Acronis Cyber Protect appliance is a VMware virtual machine with installed CentOS and Acronis Cyber Protect components:

  • Acronis Management Server
  • Acronis Agent for Linux
  • Acronis Agent for VMware (Linux)

This article describes how to add another local user account that is going to be used to access Acronis console.

How to add an account

Acronis Cyber Protect appliance uses CentOS operating system. In order to add a new account, it should be created first:

  • Enter the CentOS Cockpit web-console: https://<Acronis_Cyber_Protect_Appliance_address>:9090 (for example or connect to it via SSH
  • Enter root account credentials to log in
  • Select Terminal in the menu on the left
  • Add a new user with the following commands

adduser <username>

# passwd <username>

where <username> stands for the username of the new user. After entering the second command the system will ask to specify a password for the new user.

After the user is created you need to add it to user names to the Acronis Linux PAM (this step can be skipped for Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5):

  • Using the same terminal, open the file /etc/security/acronisagent.conf with a text editor 
  • In this file, type the user names that you added as the management server administrators, one per line.
  • Save and close the file. 

Then the new administrator can be added as described in Adding Administrative Accounts.