69450: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: "Inaccessible boot device" error after system recovery to NVMe disk

Last update: 14-10-2021


  1. You created a full disk backup of a system SCSI disk
  2. You recover this system backup to an NVMe disk
  3. After recovery, the system fails to boot, with the following error:



NVMe driver is missing in the source OS.


Boot the restored machine into Windows Safe Mode. The system will install the required drivers automatically.

You can also use Acronis Universal Restore:

  1. Create Acronis Universal Boot media with the drivers for the new disk: refer to Creating Acronis Universal Boot Media
  2. Boot the restored machine from Acronis Universal Boot media and follow the on-screen instructions to specify new drivers.

More information

How to check if the disk is SATA or NVMe?

1. If you got a new system or new hardware for your system, you can check the packaging of the disk to see if it’s SATA or NVMe (or check hardware specifications of the system).

2. In Windows: Right-click the Start menu and open Device Manager. Expand the Disk drives section, right-click the disk listed there and choose Properties. In the Details tab, select Hardware Ids from the Property tab, and look in the Value box below: if you see the word NVMe there, you have an NVMe disk.