69414: Acronis Cyber Protect: C2C activity fails with "A backup agent error: 'nothing is processed in protection applying'"

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    Last update: 26-07-2022


    C2C agent tries to apply a protection plan to O365 mailboxes, Sharepoint, etc.

    Activity fails with:

    A backup agent error: 'nothing is processed in protection applying'

    Cause 1

    The alert could appear if there are new resources but they weren't protected when applying the plan, for example when there are new items discovered in Microsoft 365.

    Solution 1

    To synchronize the changes between Microsoft 365 and Acronis console follow this article

    Cause 2

    The resource has a long name; it's not possible to protect the site if it's name exceed the maximum length. The current limitation is 186 characters.

    Solution 2

    In this case, change the name of resources from Microsoft 365 side.