69368: Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud: Custom DNS settings of VPN Client for Point-to-site connection

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Last update: 09-08-2021

The article describes scenario with Point-to-site (P2S) remote VPN connection with custom DNS Server for OpenVPN connection.


For any VPN Connection type in Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud it is possible to configure Custom DNS Settings. However, this configuration will be applied only to servers on the Cloud side (Primary and Recovery servers). In case of a P2S connection, custom DNS settings will not be applied to the VPN Client machine. Thus, for example, if DNS Server is located on the Cloud side, VPN Client will not use it and will not be able to reach servers on the Cloud side using their hostnames.


To apply custom DNS settings to VPN Client it is necessary to modify .ovpn configuration file manually in the following way:

In the "client" section (between 'client' and 'dev tun' lines) add the configuration strings:

dhcp-option DNS
dhcp-option DNS

Where and can be replaced with any desired valid IP address of the DNS Server. The first line will be used for the Primary DNS Server Address setting.

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