69323: Acronis Cyber Protect: Alert "Protection plan has been revoked from device due to a licensing issue"

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Last update: 17-01-2023

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Protect 15 - Cloud deployment


Alert "Protection plan <plan_name> has been revoked from <device> due to a licensing issue" appears when you try to create, edit, or apply a protection plan.


Quota assigned to the affected machine doesn't cover the functionality selected in the protection plan.


  1. Check that quota is assigned to machine (under Devices tab - Service quota)

    See Changing the service quota of machines for more information.

  2. Review the protection plan and make sure that the selected quota covers the functionality. To learn more about the functionality covered by Advanced protection packs, see Cyber Protect service and advanced protection packs. For more information about product functionality in Legacy editions, see Acronis Cyber Protection editions

    Either assign a suitable quota to the machine or modify the protection plan to exclude the functionality not covered by the quota.

The most frequent issues:

  • If you're making app-aware backup, make sure that a Server (or a higher) quota is assigned to the device.
    (!) Even if SQL/Exchange is installed on Workstation OS, app-aware backup requires Server quota.
  • Quotas with "(included features)" in the name do not include backup functionality:

  • If you enabled Advanced features, make sure that you have Advanced pack or Advanced edition
  • If you enabled Protect functionality (e.g. Antivirus and Antimalware, etc), make sure that you use Protect edition(Legacy licensing).