69292: Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud: VPN Appliance registration fails with "User name or password is incorrect" for user with enabled 2FA

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Last update: 02-08-2021


1. An attempt to register VPN Appliance for Site-to-site connection model in Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud fails with this error message:

User name or password is incorrect.

2. Two-factor-authentication (2FA) is enabled for the account used for VPN Appliance registration.

3. An attempt to log in to Acronis Cyber Cloud Management Portal or Protection Console with the same User name and password works without any issues.


Issue in the product: VPN appliance fails to be registered under user with 2FA enabled.


The issue is planned to be fixed in the scope of the nearest release.

As a workaround, you can temporary disable 2FA for the account used for VPN Appliance registration. 2FA can be re-enabled after the appliance is registered.

Contact Acronis Customer Central if the issue will still persist.

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