69273: Acronis Cyber Protect integration with Plesk/cPanel: Agent installation on AlmaLinux fails with "NotSupportedLinuxDistrError: Unsupported linux distributive "almalinux"

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 13-12-2021


  1. You're using cPanel or Plesk integration and attempt to install Agent on AlmaLinux,
  2. Installation fails with:

    NotSupportedLinuxDistrError: Unsupported linux distributive "almalinux"


cPanel and Plesk don't support agent installation on AlmaLinux.


Starting from version 1.6.5, Acronis Backup plugin supports the AlmaLinux OS. Please use the latest version.

As a workaround for earlier versions, you can install Agent on the target machine manually: see Installing Cyber Protection agents in Linux