69230: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: "Clusters must be registered at the same account server" error on attempt to set up Backup storage Geo-replication

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Last update: 13-07-2021


Attempt to set up Backup storage geo-replication between two ACI clusters fails on uploading configuration file to secondary cluster with error message Clusters must be registered at the same account server, e.g.:


Backup Gateways are registered under different account server addresses - one cluster is registered using exact datacenter URL (https://<DC>-cloud.acronis.com), while another cluster is registered under general Cyber Cloud address (https://cloud.acronis.com).


1. Check which address is used on Primary Backup Gateway on Storage Services > Backup Storage > Settings > Certificate tab:

2. Gracefully release Secondary Backup Gateway;

3. Re-create Secondary Backup Gateway using the same address on Acronis account step as on Primary one:

4. Retry attempt to set up Geo-replication between clusters.

Contact Acronis Support if the issue will persist.

More information

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