69187: Acronis Cyber Protect: Linux kernel 5.9+ support

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 01-06-2023


Backup of a Linux machine with kernel 5.9 or later fails with an error similar to:

The SnapAPI kernel module is not loaded for the kernel 5.12.13-300.fc34.x86_64 that is running in this system. Install the module for this kernel version, and then retry the backup.


Earlier versions of mainstream kernel did not have interfaces for snapshotting, and SnapAPI module could not use these kernels for snapshotting purposes.

Acronis Development team implemented support for 5.9+ kernels after snaphotting interfaces were added to the mainstream kernel. 


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud supports Linux kernel 5.9-5.14 starting from C21.11 (Build 28323). Please update to the latest build.

Acronis Cyber Protect 15: support for Linux kernel 5.9-5.14 has been added. Please update to the latest build.