69143: Acronis Snap Deploy: how to migrate an existing installation to another machine

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Last update: 16-06-2022


When moving OS Deploy Server to a new machine, you may need to preserve the licensing information from the existing installation (available licenses, used licenses, etc). This can be done by copying the contents of LicenseServer folder to the new machine.

Note that deployment tasks cannot be migrated this way. When moving OS Deploy Server to a new machine, you will need to configure new deployment tasks. 


Acronis Snap Deploy OS Deploy Server and License Server are installed on Machine 1. You want to move Acronis Snap Deploy setup to Machine 2 and preserve the licensing information

  1. Install OS Deploy Server and License Server (and other components, if necessary) on Machine 2
  2. On Machine 2, stop Acronis Remote Agent service (Start -> in search, type services.msc and press Enter -> find Acronis Remote Agent service and click Stop service)
  3. Copy the folder C:\ProgramData\Acronis\ from Machine 1 to the same location on Machine 2, replacing the contents
  4. Start Acronis Remote Agent service.
  5. Run Management Console and click Licenses. Transferred licenses should appear in Licenses view in Management Console.