69137: Acronis Cyber Protect 15: saving protection plan fails with "HTTP request failure for URL "/api/credentials_store/v2/credentials" if non-English SQL server is used

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Last update: 07-10-2021


The issue reproduces in the following conditions:

  1. Customer is using MS SQL for their Management Server instead of built-in SQLite,
  2. MS SQL is in any language besides English,
  3. Customer is using the same encryption password for multiple plans or the same location for multiple plans,

Protection plan cannot be saved, with an error similar to:

HTTP request failure for URL "/api/credentials_store/v2/credentials". Server response code: "500 - Internal Server Error". Server response message: {"domain":"General","code":"InternalServerError","reason":"InternalServerError","debug":{"msg":"insert external IDs: mssql: Verletzung der PRIMARY KEY-Einschränkung 'PK__external__1431B475A7EEC0BD'. Ein doppelter Schlüssel kann in das dbo.external_ids-Objekt nicht eingefügt werden. Der doppelte Schlüsselwert ist (secret_hash, $ZYxWZzMuqEZ8l6/6YBa97zBNnADhiBDV8DvhQYl0gt0)."}}
DATUM UND ZEIT15. Juni 2021, 15:17:14


Issue in the product.

This issue is specific to non-English installations of MS SQL.


This issue has been fixed in Update 3 (Build 28035), please update to the latest build.

To resolve the issue without updating, you can use one of the following workarounds:

  1. Reinstall AMS and use the built-in SQLite instead of MS SQL
  2. Use MS SQL in English,
  3.  Create a single group plan with a specific location or with a specific password