68813: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: How to re-create lost Backup storage with existing NFS backend

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Last update: 14-01-2023


The main goal of the operations below is to re-create Partner-hosted backup storage registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in case of the following scenario:

  • Backup storage was initially provisioned in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) with external NFS share backend per corresponding documentation Administrator Guide - Creating backup storage on an external NFS share.
  • Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) node is completely lost and unrecoverable.
  • External NFS share still contains the existing backup archives.

The solution below describes the approach of re-creating the backup storage by deploying new ACI instance, connecting it to existing NFS share and restoring previous backup storage registration in order to continue using existing backup archives on NFS share without necessity to reconfigure Customer tenants which have the issued backup storage assigned.


1. Deploy new backup storage with temporal registration per KB61122: Step 1, in particular:

1.1 Install a new Acronis Cyber Infrastructure node following Administrator Guide - Backup storage on an NFS share

1.2 Create backup storage following Administrator Guide - Creating backup storage on an external NFS share documentation registering new storage under the same Partner tenant, important details:

  1. On the NFS share step use temporal empty NFS share, do not use the old NFS share with existing backups on this step;
  2. On the DNS step use temporal 'fake' DNS name for new registration.

2. Use the approach from KB63288 in order to change NFS share in configuration file /etc/vstorage/abgw.config to the old NFS share.

3. Ensure that after reconfiguration old NFS share is being properly mounted upon vstorage-abgw.service start as expected, e.g.:

# systemctl restart vstorage-abgw
# df -h /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/storage
Filesystem                            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on  1.3T   31G  1.3T   3% /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/storage

4. Import old backup storage registration using the KB61122 - Step 2.

5. Ensure that DNS name of old storage is pointing to new ACI node properly and validate backups processing, remove temporal 'fake' registrations afterwards (KB61122 - Step 3).

More information

Contact Acronis Support in case of issues with the performing the steps.