68798: Acronis Cyber Protect: How to configure static routes for Virtual Appliance

Last update: 06-06-2023


You want to use static routing for your Acronis Virtual Appliance.

This article applies to:

  • Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance)
  • Agent for Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure (Virtual Appliance)
  • Agent for Red Hat Virtualization (oVirt) (Virtual Appliance)
  • Agent for Scale Computing (Virtual Appliance)


  1. Open Appliance command-line shell (Ctrl+Shift+F2 while appliance GUI console is opened) or connect to the Appliance via WinSCP.

  2. In the /bin directory, create a new file named route_script.sh (either click Files -> New or use the Shift+F4 key combination).
  3. Add the following lines to the file:
    sleep 15
    route add –net <network> gw <IP address>

    <network> is the target network
    <IP address> is the gateway IP address
    Depending on your setup, you can add multiple route commands.
    The sleep command is required to let the /bin/product start and initialize the network before applying the routing.
  4. Save the file.
    After saving the file, we recommend converting it to Unix (LF) format (in Notepad++, go to Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix (LF)). Once conversion is done, proceed to the step 5.
  5. Set execution permissions in the file Properties (press F9 to open file properties).
  6. Modify /bin/autostart file of the Appliance: add the following line right before the last line (this line should be added above "grep -q quiet /proc/cmdline && exec $1" line):
    /bin/route_script.sh &
  7. Reboot the Appliance.