68780: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Insufficient disk space, "Not enough space" alerts

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Last update: 20-12-2022


You notice that the disks in your Acronis Cyber Infrastructure are running out of free space and want to expand them or you get "Not enough space on <disk>" alerts.

The affected disks can be in the 'Out of space' status and marked yellow or in 'Failed' with no free space on them and marked red (UI displaying may differ depending on ACI version).


See details on adding storage capacity (scaling storage cluster) in the following documentation: Administrator Guide - Scaling the storage cluster.

Note, in case if you have Acronis Cyber Infrastructure deployed inside of Virtual Machines or ACI nodes are connected to external iSCSI storage, expand/resize/volume modifications of already assigned virtual disks or LUNs should not be used as the file system will not be resized correspondingly. If you want to increase physical space in your storage cluster, you need to add new virtual disks or LUNs on the same target to your nodes and assign new disks accordingly.