68755: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Adding a new node to a cluster fails with "Management node address is invalid"

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Last update: 09-06-2021


You want to add a new node to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure cluster. You receive this error:

Management node address is invalid.


The versions of your cluster and the new node do not match.

  1. Find out the version number of your cluster. On a cluster node, run this command:
    # cat /etc/hci-release
  2. Find out the version number of the ISO you used to install the new node. If Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is already installed, you can use the command above on this node as well.

The new node version must match the cluster version. It is always best practice to use the latest available version: we recommend updating the cluster to the latest version and then download and install the ISO of this version.