68741: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: ABGW setup fails with "Failed to create backup storage: Failed to verify the account server API version"

Last update: 21-11-2022


You try to set up a Backup Gateway. In the service console, you navigate to Storage services > Backup storage screen and click Create backup storage.

When you fill all the fields and click Create, you get this error:

Failed to create backup storage. Change the input data and try again.

failed to verify the account server API version: GET "https://<IPaddress>/api/account_server/versions": dial tcp <IPaddress>:443: connect: connection refused


You specified an incorrect URL of the cloud management portal or the hostname/IP address of the local management server. Most probably, you have given the ABGW address instead of the management server address.


Specify either Acronis Cloud Console address or address of your Acronis Management Server (the interface that you are using for managing backup plans, agents and other settings). Credentials specified in this step should allow login to this Management Console.