68623: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Upgrade path

Last update: 24-11-2022


This article describes upgrade path for Acronis Storage 2.x (AS) / Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) / Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) Clusters to the latest version.

More information regarding Acronis Support Lifecycle Policy for Infrastructure Products may be found on Acronis Portal.

More information regarding the exact software versions may be found in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Release Notes.

In case of Acronis Storage 1.5 or Acronis Storage Gateway 1.6/1.7 no update procedures are available - only migration to ACI 4.0 version is possible, refer to migration guide for more details.

Common Information

Upgrade of ACI (AS, SDI) is a sequential multi-step process, intermediate steps cannot be skipped (e.g. direct upgrade from 3.0 to 4.5 is not possible) and only the next update step is expected to be available in WebCP > Settings > Update, additional information on updates installing for the latest ACI version may be found in the Administrator Guide.

Important Note: Update is fully automated process, do not use yum update manual command at any of steps.

Upgrade Steps

More information

In case if any issue will appear during update/upgrade process, contact Acronis support for assistance.