68519: Acronis DLP: an application fails to start or runs slowly

Last update: 28-09-2021

This article describes how to solve possible compatibility issues of Acronis DLP Agent with various applications.


After update of Acronis Cyber Protect Agent to C21.02 (or newer) with Agent for Data Loss Prevention (registered as DeviceLock Service in the Services.msc snap-in) some particular applications fail to start, or certain actions within an application are taking too much time or not possible to perform.


This may indicate a compatibility issue of Acronis DLP Agent with the application.

To check whether Acronis DLP Agent is causing the issue please follow instructions in this KB.


Add the affected application executable file(s) or its installation folder into Exclusions list of the Device control protection plan:

  1. In the Protection Plan expand Device control parameters and click Exclusions

  1. Click +Add button and specify the processes, or application folder that you want to exclude from the access control, for example:


  1. Click the check mark, and then click Done.
  2. In the protection plan, click Save.
  3. Restart the problem machine for the changes to take effect.
More information about processes Exclusions can be found in the User Guide.