68481: Acronis Snap Deploy 6: installing components remotely

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Last update: 09-04-2021

For information on how to prepare machines for remote installation of the components see Acronis Snap Deploy: Preparing Machines for Remote Installation.
If you use 32-bit version of Acronis Snap Deploy 6, components of v.6 can be installed remotely over Acronis Snap Deploy 5 components that are in place. If you use 64-bit version of Acronis Snap Deploy 6, then v.5 components need to be uninstalled first. See Acronis Snap Deploy 6: how to install upgrade 

Do the following to install or update Acronis Snap Deploy remotely:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Install components remotely:

  2. Select the location from which the installation packages of the components will be taken.

    The selection From the registered components corresponds to the default folder: %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Acronis\SnapDeploy\RemoteInstall

  3. Select the component that you want to install remotely:

    If you are installing OS Deploy Server, specify the name or IP address of the machine with License Server. That license server must contain at least one available license.

  4. In Machine, specify the name or IP address of the machine where you want to install the component. To open the list of machines on your network, click Browse:

    To allow restarting the remote machine if it is required for installation, select the Restart the machine automatically when required check box. If you clear this check box, you may need to restart the remote machine later for the component to start working.

    In User name and Password, specify the user name and password of an administrator on the remote machine.

  5. Review the installation summary and click Install.