68475: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Recovery fails with "No disk space or quota"

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Last update: 19-01-2022


Recovery under a WinPE media fails with:

| error 0x2160008: A format/resize error.
| line: 0x70c3c48220086a05
| file: d:\1395\core\da_api\context_disk.cpp:602
| function: context::CopyDisk
| $module: disk_bundle_bartpe_vsa64_26570
| error 0x40004: The disk is full.
| line: 0x8af64b2c0920f7f1
| file: d:\1395\core\resizer\archive3\archive3_error.cpp:179
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ConvertArchive3Error
| $module: disk_bundle_bartpe_vsa64_26570
| error 0x29b138e: No disk space or quota
| line: 0x9fa4c80ad2193be8
| file: d:\1395\core\resizer\archive3\restore.cpp:612
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::SequentialCopier::Copy::<>::operator ()
| function: ar_sequential_map_add_item
| path: /1/backup.tibx
| $module: disk_bundle_bartpe_vsa64_26570


During the restore operation, a temporary file is created in the default location (the C: drive in live OS) for temporary files. This file size depends on archive size, but estimates at less then half of archive metadata, so this error could only appear during a restore operation of an extensive backup.


As a workaround, cleanup the default temp location (X: drive is the "System drive" under WinPE media) or set %TEMP% or %TMP% to another disk:

  1. Get another drive (it can be a USB drive). Format it to NTFS.
  2. Attach this drive to the machine. For example, it is assigned with the letter D.
  3. Boot WinPE media.
  4. Open Command Line.
  5. Delete X:\Windows\TEMP folder:
    rmdir X:\Windows\TEMP
  6. Make a junction from X:\Windows\TEMP to the new disk (D:\ in our example)
    mklink /J X:\Windows\TEMP D:\TEMP
  7. Rerun recovery, D: should have enough space for the temp files.