68465: Acronis Snap Deploy 6: how to create Acronis bootable media

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Last update: 15-04-2021

You will need Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Bootable Media (Linux-based) if you need to do offline imaging or offline system deployment.

  1. Start Acronis Management Console and click Tools -> Create bootable media:

  2. Optionally, specify Linux kernel parameters. See Linux Kernel Parameters:

  3. Select the components that need to be placed on media:

    • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Agent boots on a target machine to enable deployment performed by Acronis Snap Deploy 4 OS Deploy Server;
    • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Standalone Utility boots on a target machine and performs deployment on its own;
    • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Master Image Creator boots on a master machine and creates an image of the system;
    • Acronis System Report boots on a machine, collects information about the machine, and saves this information to a removable USB drive (such as a USB flash drive).
  4. Change the settings if necessary:

    E.g. if you are placing the agent on the media, specify whether the agent will connect to a particular OS Deploy Server

  5. Select whether to upload the components to Acronis PXE Server, burn them to a disc (or create an ISO file) or save on a removable media (USB):
  6. Review the summary and click Create: