68460: Acronis Snap Deploy 6: installation

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Last update: 28-04-2021

With the typical installation, the following components will be installed:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 OS Deploy Server - requires having at least one license. The license, however, will only be taken (used) on deployment;
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Management Console
  • Acronis PXE Server
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 6 License Server
This article applies only to new installation of Acronis Snap Deploy 6. If you already have an older version of Acronis Snap Deploy and want to upgrade to v.6, see  Acronis Snap Deploy 6: how to install upgrade

You can also review the complete list of components in User guide: Components.

  1. Run the installation file and select Install Acronis Snap Deploy 6:

  2. If you accept the license agreement, click I accept this agreement and Next;
  3. Select Typical:

  4. Since typical installation includes Acronis OS Deploy Server, you will need to add at least one license key at this point:

    Provide either a machine license of Acronis Snap Deploy 6 or a deployment license (deployment licenses are accepted by all versions of Acronis Snap Deploy)

    The license, however, will only be taken (used) on deployment.

  5. Select the installation folder and click Next:

  6. Specify whether the machine will participate in the Customer Experience Program (CEP)
  7. Review the installation summary and click Install:

    No machine reboot is required to complete the installation.