68356: Acronis Snap Deploy 6 licensing

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Last update: 25-05-2022

Acronis Snap Deploy 6 licensing is based on the number of deployed and/or managed computers. License types are different in terms of the operating system to deploy and in terms of the number of allowed deployments.

In terms of the operating system you can deploy, you can have a workstation or server license:

  • A server license allows deploying a server operating system
  • A workstation license enables deploying of a workstation operating system. A workstation license is also used if Acronis Snap Deploy 6 cannot identify the type of operating system.

Deploying an unrecognized operating system or a disk without an operating system requires a workstation license.

In terms of the number of allowed deployments, there are two types of licenses:

  • A machine license allows an unlimited number of deployments to a selected machine. This license type is recommended if you regularly perform deployments to the same machine. E.g. to deploy and regularly redeploy 100 computers you need 100 machine licenses.
  • A deployment license enables a single successful deployment to a machine. If a deployment under deployment license fails you can perform another deployment using the same license. This license type is recommended if you deploy the same machine once or infrequently. E.g. to make one deployment to 100 computers you need 100 deployment licenses; to make two deployments to 100 computers you need 200 deployment licenses.

Hardware decommissioning

If you have a machine that had an Acronis Snap Deploy machine license assigned decommissioned, please contact Acronis Support and provide the following:

  • Screenshot of Acronis License Server with the respective used license shown (along with the MAC address visible)
  • Documentation (in EN or DE) from your IT department confirming the decommissioning of the system in question.